Daily Archives: 2016-03-29

More social spending, less filial piety?

By Chris Kuan Well we do know that often only rubbishy opinions are published in the Straits Times’ Forum. This one “Excessive social security may erode filial piety” published on 29 March 2016 takes the cake. The long and short of it is that there is “mounting electoral pressure on the Government to increase spending on welfare – and the …

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Queer Show for the Straight Guy: A review of Grind

By Ng Yi-Sheng Is Grind (24 March-2 April 2016) a play for gay people or for straight people? That’s the question that kept buzzing in my brain while I was watching this new work by Toy Factory Theatre Productions last Saturday. Clearly, it’s been marketed to gay people: all its publicity features young muscular Chinese men under dramatic lighting and …

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