Underground theatre movement puts little red dot on cultural map


ANDSOFORTH starts the New Year with a bang – introducing ‘TheHeist’

Storytellers, gastronomic explorers, mischief makers are just some of the terms used to describe ANDSOFORTH, a nomadic theatre group which creates pop-up theatrical feasts immersed around stories, drama and…secrets.

Influenced by the underground dining sub-culture in London, founders draw inspiration from art forms, culture and collaboration to create the ultimate in immersive, interactive dining experiences, the first of its kind in Singapore.

A fusion of Secret Cinema meets Punch Drunk, Gingerline meets Dinner 335, ANDSOFORTH is enticing creative co-conspirators across all corners of Singapore to unite, marking an era of new cultural beginnings.

First came The Hidewaway’ a tale of rebellious love set on the ship with hidden pursuits for those who dared. Next was The Experiment’, an alien named Sasha whose mission, unbeknown to trusting secret diners, was to study the human race, snatch bodies and take over the world.

2015 will prove no less exhilarating a ride for the merry crew at ANDSOFORTH and their ardent followers. The New Year starts with a bang as The Heist’ comes to town for eight days in February.

A parable of master and apprentice, a story of love, diners will be treated to encounters of the trixiest kind, missions with twists and turns.

The secret hideout awaits. Resisting is futile. Join the movement ANDSOFORTH!