National Day Theme Song 2013

National Day Theme Song 2013

By Terry Xu

A report of the theme song for the National Day 2013 by Straits Times writes,

“This year’s National Day Parade (NDP) theme song, One Singapore, is reflective of the diverse dreams and backgrounds of its choir members, said organisers in a statement on Tuesday.

The song was composed by NDP 2013’s music director, Ms Elaine Chan and the lyrics were written by creative director, Ms Selena Tan.

The choir members at this year’s event were chosen from a competition held in April where there were 200 participants vying for a spot. Ten groups, with two to 15 members in each group, will form the Sing A Nation choir.”

The song here,

A lively, youthful piece written for the National Day celebration covering the emotions of looking forth towards a better future from the younger generation.

But in its aftertaste, does it remind you of the years of labour our parents, grandparents, forefathers had to go through or the appreciation of that aspect and does it invoke any sense of national pride?

There have been people commenting on the track released yesterday but so far most remains as negative comments,

Dominic, “The part where I know this song is not for any NDP theme song.”

Kenny “Bring back Tanya Chua please! This is the worst NDP song I have ever heard in my more than 40 years of life. What’s happening to our artistic development over the years?”

Dead Cockroach “The song is too “complicated”. The tune is not as catchy or easy to sing compared to previous years’ songs.”

Jaydee “musically still okay. but the lyrics… hmm trying too hard. should keep it short and sweet. thats how national day songs should be. rap portion, trying extremely hard. gamble ain’t gonna pay off.”

yrreg “Omg why is there rap. This is terrible. Le terrible. Why is it a choir. What are these lyrics. Why is the song so empty. Why are there weird singing parts. CMI LA OMG”


Many have commented on the ST article for whether is there a need to come up with quirky new theme song for each year’s National Day celebration. And for most people commenting on the story, the song that took the place of the best national day song till date is “Home” sung by Kit Chan, composed by Dick Lee in 1998.

For my preference, I always felt that “One People, One Nation, One Singapore” brings the feel closer to the heart, bringing tears of pride to the eyes.

Share with us on what you feel about the theme songs for National Day.

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