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Singapore's Economic Model – the fallacy of “growth at all costs” – Part 3

by Rajiv Chaudhry   The Singapore economy In the 1980s Singapore’s policy makers took a conscious decision to transcend the low-cost/low- value economy and move into more higher value activities such as computer chips, semiconductors and services. In the 2000s it is attempting to move into still higher-value ‘brain’ work by developing a research and development wing. However, by clinging …

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A Distracting Debate in Singapore

By Harold Seah   An argument over morality is often the most heated but least understood; people retreat into individual comfort zones, clinging fast to familiar yardsticks of right-and-wrong, causing what might have been an intelligent, informed debate has to degenerate into a fundamentalist free-for-all. Such as become of the debate over whether to repeal or to retain Section 377A …

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