Daily Archives: 2012-08-22

Migrant Chinese workers in Singapore petition Panasonic

  By Jolovan Wham –   In the last few months, I have been approached by over one hundred migrant Chinese women and men who are factory workers in Panasonic's plant in Singapore. My colleague and I spoke with the management but we were unable to achieve anything out of the discussions. The workers also failed in their negotiation for …

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Dr Gomez on SFD’s Dissolution

By Kumaran Pillai – Kumaran Pillai, the Chief Editor of The Online Citizen spoke to Dr. James Gomez over the recent announcement that Singaporeans For Democracy’s has moved to de-register as an ROS society and the launch of its report next week.   Why did Singaporeans For Democracy choose to de-register? SFD’s membership chose to dissolve the society to draw …

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