Daily Archives: 2012-06-15

Bertha Henson: The quality of mercy

~ By Bertha Henson ~ It was heart-warming to read about a merciful court. So the CJ quashed a man’s jail sentence and went for a fine instead. The renovation contractor who had a self-exclusion order tried to get into a casino using his wife’s IC and got caught. He was jailed two months and fined $800. His lawyer said there were …

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Singapore needs to grow up and learn to chill. Seriously.

~ By Jen ~ Several incidents that happened recently made me think that our local authorities and Singapore need to grow up and start learning how to chill. The most recent episode is with the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) which has been posting warnings for art exhibits that show nudity or graphic scenes. A newspaper reported that at a recent art …

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam: A Tale of Two CEOs and Shareholder Democracy

~ By Kenneth Jeyaretnam ~ Recently Chesapeake Energy, the second biggest US gas producer, has been much in the news. The company has been having cash flow problems since its CEO Aubrey McClendon took a wrong bet on the direction of gas prices and bought back its hedges. This has left it exposed to a big decline in natural gas prices in the …

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Singapore, the rest of the World and me: A bizarre love triangle

By Saiful Saleem – Sitting in a small café in the Marais district of Paris, watching an interesting mix of tourists and locals pass by under the bright May sun, I begin to reflect. Only I am not quite sure what I am reflecting on. I keep staring out into the passing crowd, putting on a look I only hope …

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More responsibilities for the same pay

Singapore employers third most likely in the world to promote without pay rise, Robert Half study finds Most employees would have had the experience of working harder without any reward. Now many companies are going a step further by promoting employees to more senior positions without providing a pay increase. In fact, Singapore companies are among the most frequent to …

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