Daily Archives: 2011-10-06

How many white people in your group?

~by: Kin M Ah~ Ok I’ll be upfront, this is the airing of a personal grievance – no wait, repulsion. There’s this little club (accessible mostly to a privileged few) located in a hotel on Robertson Quay that’s been doing great business. It operates exclusively on an ‘invitation only’ basis The club boasts that its clientele includes the children of …

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Of dolphins and decency

the following is Ric O’Barry, Marine Mammal Specialist of Earth Island Institute’s response to Marine Life Park’s assertion (see HERE) that it is committed to marine conservation and research: — In situations of great stress in captivity they (dolphins) have been known to commit suicide by starvation, battering against walls, or drowning.—The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th Edition 2001-05. When you consider that …

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