Daily Archives: 2011-07-04

Soul Searching Singapore’s 2011 General Election

To understand Singapore’s new politics is to appreciate the deep commitment of Singaporeans for a better future for their country. This bond united PAP and opposition supporters alike. The election served to build national solidarity, while simultaneously sending a clear signal to the PAP that its mold of politics is outdated. The PAP is being called to move out of …

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MCYS responds to concerns raised about foster child

1.  We have received media queries and public feedback on the MCYS Facebook page on concerns raised about a foster child. 2.  As a policy, MCYS does not comment on individual foster cases so as to protect the interests of the child. However, we have to make clarifications on this case, because confidential information on the child has regrettably been …

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What is the point of the President?

Ghui / Officially, the President of Singapore is Singapore’s head of state.  He opens each Parliamentary session with an official address, occupying a position much like Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom. The monarchy has had a long and deep history in the United Kingdom and the royal family is seen as part of British culture and heritage. Thousands …

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