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Joan Fong clarifies that she is not that Joan Hon

Mrs Joan Fong (daughter of the late Hon Sui Sen), clarifies that she was not the Joan Hon who wrote that George Yeo is not suitable to be elected president. We want to thank Mrs Fong for engaging our readers on TOC and clarifying that she was not the Joan Hon who posted the earlier comments. TOC’s moderation policy is …

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Faces of the Railway: the last Station Master at Bukit Timah

The following is an excerpt from The Long and Winding Road Working tirelessly through the day to keep the stretch of the Malayan Railway passing from Woodlands through to Tanjong Pagar safe is a quiet and unassuming gentleman by the name of Encik Atan. For Encik Atan, who will pass into history as the last Station Master of Bukit Timah Railway …

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For her son’s bright future

by Deborah Choo/   As I waited at the reception area of a shelter for domestic workers run by the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME), a pale and frail looking lady walked in with a companion. Her eyes were slightly swollen, her cheeks were stained with dried tears, and her hands and legs were covered with scars from allergic …

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