PAP manifesto video slammed by viewers

A video by the People’s Action Party on Youtube has been roundly slammed by viewers. The six and a half minute video is an animated version of the PAP’s election manifesto, which is titled “Securing Our Future Together.”

The manifesto and slogan was unveiled by the PAP on Sunday at the party’s youth wing’s 25th anniversary celebration, and the video version was released on the same day.

The video of the manifesto has so far garnered more than 1,200 views. 17 viewers “like” it, while an overwhelming 358 “dislike” it.

Out of the 115 comments posted by viewers, virtually all of them criticised the video and the PAP.

“Looking at the PAP manifesto and the WP manifesto side by side, it is fairly obvious that PAP’s is severely lacking. Just vague promises without any details on how they will implement it,” said berukblue.

“Absolutely Pathetic. Their manifesto is just side-stepping all the problems we commoners face and just emphasizing on motherhod statements,” said luqjas87.

“All lies, they have all the donkey years to fulfill those but it seems these manifesto are targeted towards the FTs,” posted Huahero.

“This video should be called LIES FROM THE IVORY TOWER,” said savonviolette.”

“[Don’t]  insult us by giving us kindergarten video clips. u think now singaporeans little kids and we are still ignorant of ur wrong doings?” samstom posted.

The video ends with the words “Vote PAP” and someone who is apparently the Prime Minister signing off.

You can view the video on Youtube here.

It is also available on the PAP website.

The PAP’s Youtube channel – PeopleActionPartyHQ – is here and the ratings and comments facilities have been disabled by the party.

Read also how the PAP has disabled the comment facility in its video: PAP Manifesto 2011


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