WP unveils manifesto and campaign slogan for GE

Bhavan Jaipragas /

The average Singaporean understands the need to vote for non-ruling party Members of Parliament (MPs), says Ms Sylvia Lim, chairman of the Workers’ Party (WP).

This is the general sentiment gathered by her party during its routine house visits, she explains.

Ms Lim, who is also a non-constituency MP (NCMP), was speaking at the WP’s press conference on Saturday to unveil its manifesto and campaign slogan for the upcoming General Election.

The 63-page manifesto, titled “Towards A First World Parliament”, contains 15 chapters on a diverse range of national issues. The document is the result of two years of work, including consultations with various “experts” in the respective fields, the party says.

Also revealed was the party’s slogan for the upcoming general election: “Vote Workers’ Party, Towards A First World Parliament”.

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