TOC party privatized!

Dear Readers,

TOC Cassetted: Not A Political Party is no longer open to the public.It is now a private event for invited guests only.

If you would like to attend, do write to us at [email protected].

We will send you an invitation via email. Please produce a hard copy of the invitation upon arrival or we will have to turn you away (but there’s a very good teh tarik stall nearby, as well as Mustafa Shopping Centre).

Take note that we will only invite up to 150 guests.

We have also decided to replace our boring lucky draw with fun non-lucky draw games!

So remember, we’re holding a non-public-non-political party! Please don’t anyhow gate-crash ok? Cos we got no money to pay for damaged gates.

Please don’t anyhow say we atas also ah.

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