Daily Archives: 2010-05-26

Travails of a community cat lover: the Bishan case

He was an orange-and-white domestic short haired (DSH) kitten, probably no more than a couple of months old. He was hiding timidly underneath a neighbourhood park bench overlooking a long canal, along a route I usually take when I walk home every night. I’ve seen many stray cats before in the Bishan area, but this one caught my eye immediately …

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Workers cheer NWC recommendations?

I refer to the report “Workers, HR experts expect wage increases of 3-5%” (Channel NewsAsia, May 25). It states that “After weathering one of the worst global recessions, workers have cheered the National Wages Council‘s (NWC) latest recommendations”. While the council did not spell out a quantum, workers and HR experts are predicting a salary hike of anything from 3-5 percent. For …

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Singapore says second soldier was accidentally shot in Thailand

Singapore’s Defence Ministry said Wednesday that two of its soldiers, not just one, were accidentally shot by a villager while they were taking part in a night training exercise in March in Thailand. A ministry spokeswoman confirmed a report by The Straits Times newspaper, saying that, apart from a sergeant, 19-year-old Private J Pritheery Raj had also been wounded when a …

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That sound you hear is the collective jerking of knees

While I was writing this post I was struck by a thought: how would Singaporeans, men in particular, respond to it? The answer is in, and it is both expected and disappointing how people would so easily miss the forest for the trees in bouts of defensive outrage. Just look at the reactions here, and the comments, for a sample. What these …

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