Daily Archives: 2010-02-26

Kim Dae-jung: Life on Death Row

The following film, by Amnesty International (Feb, 2010), explores experiences of death row and the death penalty in South Korea during the years of political upheaval before democracy. The film contains extracts from an interview with Kim Dae-jung, former president of South Korea who died in August of 2009. Kim Dae-jung was sentenced to death during the struggle for democracy …

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Levy hike may hurt those in nursing homes

The hike in the foreign worker levy will mean higher operating costs for nursing homes, which have a high proportion of non-local staff – with one home saying that if costs go up too high, it may have to raise fees. Today

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A complacent budget

Singapore is in danger of slipping further behind the advanced economies with all the consequences this entails for real incomes - yet the Budget fails to address this, says The Reform Party

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