Daily Archives: 2009-11-17

The irresponsible social behaviour of some park-goers

This video was shot on 2 separate days in November 2009 at Sembawang Park. Park-goers seem to take no care in keeping the place clean. Each morning, one would see the litter left behind by those who used the park for picnics, camping or barbeques. It is quite sad to see the amount and kind of litter cleaners have to …

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A happy family

At the summit, it was like one big happy family sitting down and playing the popular card game Happy Families. Clinton Lim, ST forum page

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Whose head will roll?

But the CEO of KK Hospital, Mdm Ivy Lim Swee Lian also wife of Dr Ng Eng Hen who is a Cabinet Minister will be unscathed. Blogger, Singapore Social And Political Thoughts

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