Blogging Seminar videos on YouTube

In May 2009, a blogging seminar called “Blogging: You’ve got the power (Now learn the craft)” was organised by The Online Citizen, with support from the Institute of Policy Studies and the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre. The purpose of the seminar was to empower bloggers with the tools and skills needed to take citizen journalism to the next level.

For those who have missed the seminar, we have uploaded all five workshops on YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

Workshop #1: The founder of two prominent blogs in Singapore — Yawning Bread and The Online Citizen — share about the trails, travails, joys, and successes of running a widely read citizen journalism outfit in Singapore.

Workshop #2: ISA. Sedition Act. OSA. Copyright. Contempt of court. Unfamiliar with these terms? Blogging might run you afoul of the law, if you are not careful. But don’t worry, NUS law professor Kevin Tan is here to unveil these legal minefields.

Workshop #3: In this talk, award-winning journalist Cynthia Owens offers some tips from the journalism world that bloggers can use to add credibility to their site.

Workshop #4: Popular enivironmentalist blogger November Tan, who blogs on the Midnight Monkey Moniter, shares about her experiences of being an activist in Singapore. In the talk, she offers her insights about what it takes to be a successful online activist.

Workshop #5: How did Malaysian blogs help shift votes away from UMNO in the 2008 General Elections? In this rambunctious session, media activist Sean Ang offers an insider’s look at their ‘ninja’ strategies, and also safe tips to increase your blog traffic.