Association's member, Mr Endoh, clarifies some points about group.

The high expectations required of the association

From Mr Endoh’s blog:

The establishment of an association for bloggers has certainly been controversial in many aspects, which led many to speculate on the true intentions behind the move. I’m not quite sure if I can regard the enormous criticism as online flaming. However, some of them were pretty entertaining to read and that’s precisely why blogging is such a fun activity that everyone can participate in.

The past two days of catching up on the criticism has placed me in two different set of shoes. That of, a VP of the association and yet, also an independent blogger. This constant change in positions can be confusing if mishandled by myself when reading. That said, it also meant constructive feedbacks have been noted even if the association has not said anything. The sad truth is, only three bloggers/readers have managed to come closest to the motivation behind the association. Even more ironically, all three of them were found in The Online Citizen’s article.

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