Daily Archives: 2007-10-23

Section 377A is inconsistent : PAP MP Hri Kumar

Transcript of the Parliamentary speech by PAP MP Hri Kumar on the debate over Section 377A. I rise to support the Bill. A major overhaul of the Penal Code was timely and the Ministry of Home Affairs has obviously put in much effort and thought to the amendments. I particularly commend the new laws to protect minors from sexual predators …

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377A serves public morality : NMP Thio Li-Ann

Below is the full transcript of NMP Professor Thio Li-Ann’s speech in Parliament. Two camps championing two distinct criminal law philosophies are polarised over whether to retain or repeal s377A which criminalizes public or private acts of gross indecency between two men, such as sodomy. The ‘liberal’ camp wants 377A repealed. They offer an ‘argument from consent’ –government should not …

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Repeal 377a press conference: public health and families at stake too

By Teng Kie Zin Scott & Rachel Lim The repeal of the law against gay sex is not only about gays, as AIDS prevention programs and families of homosexual men are affected too, said the organizers of the group petitioning to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code on Monday. The existing law, which criminalises men who have sex with …

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