Daily Archives: 2007-09-22

TOC Report: PM Lee at NUS Ministerial Forum

By Ng Sook Zhen If Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong were right, even if we change Singapore twice over, there still will be many improvements to be made. KT Speaking at the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum organized by the National University of Singapore Students’ Political Association yesterday at Hon Sui Sen Terrace, PM Lee stressed the need for continual change, …

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TOC Opinion: PM Lee at NUS: Where’s the substance?

By Choo Zheng Xi The Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum was a surreal experience. Throughout the forum, I had trouble believing that this event was being held the day after one of the most contentious Parliamentary sittings I had ever followed was concluded. I had trouble believing that I was being addressed by the Prime Minister of a government that was …

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