Temasek Holdings holds talks over Ant Group’s slashed valuation of its shares of US$150 billion to US$78.8 billion

Temasek Holdings is in talks with Ant Group over its slashed valuation, from US$150 billion to US$78.8 billion, before deciding on a share buyback participation amid struggles with crypto investments.

Temasek’s CIO Rohit Sipahimalani pauses investments in crypto in contrast to Ho Ching’s contrarian stance amid FTX loss

Temasek’s CIO, Rohit Sipahimalani, signals hesitation towards crypto investments due to regulatory uncertainty. Despite losing their FTX investment, of US$275million, Mdm Ho Ching, former Temasek CEO, had previously asserted long-term resilience in its investment strategy.

Temasek Holdings reports S$7.3 Billion loss for FY2023, while Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund sees a US$84 billion quarterly profit

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings reported a loss of S$7.3 billion for FY2023, marking a 5.2% drop in net portfolio value. Meanwhile, Norway’s SWF posted a quarterly profit of US$84 billion.

Temasek shifts stance on crypto investment following US$275 million FTX loss

Temasek Holdings, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, is currently avoiding investments in cryptocurrency firms due to regulatory uncertainties. The company’s Chief Investment Officer, Rohit Sipahimalani, expressed reservations about investing in exchanges amidst recent FTX incident and the prevailing regulatory landscape.

Temasek Holdings reports S$7.3 billion loss, pledges continued investment amid global uncertainties

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings sees a 5.2% decrease in its net portfolio value to S$382 billion in FY2023, attributing a loss of S$7.3 billion to changes in accounting standards. The firm emphasizes its commitment to strategic investment amidst global uncertainties.

Tessa Therapeutics’ closure due to increasing interest rate and unsustainable revenue

Tessa Therapeutics’ liquidation results from a tighter monetary policy and a surge in global interest rates, according to investor Ian Yoong Kah Yin. The closure of the Temasek-backed company leaves a significant impact on Singapore’s biotech industry.

Temasek cuts senior management compensation after conclusion of internal review following troubled FTX investment

Singapore’s investment company, Temasek Holdings, has concluded an internal review following its ill-fated US$275 investment in FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange. The firm disclosed it has cut senior management and investment team compensation, holding them accountable for the reputational damage suffered due to the failed FTX investment.

BasisAI co-founder investigated following complaint on BasisAI staff departure after Aicadium’s acquisition

Aicadium’s Vice President of Business Development, Liu Feng Yuan, who is also a co-founder of BasisAI, is reportedly under investigation following a whistleblower complaint. The complaint relates to staff departures from BasisAI, some of whom were later hired by SPH Media. Aicadium, a subsidiary of Temasek, has taken management action and conducted an investigation into Liu. However, no comments have been made by Aicadium or Temasek regarding the matter. Liu’s involvement in recruiting BasisAI engineers for SPH Media has raised concerns, as several employees left BasisAI after the acquisition by Aicadium was announced. BasisAI, known for its responsible AI software, was co-founded by Liu in 2018.

Sembcorp Marine records losses for third consecutive year

Sembcorp Marine (SembMarine) has reported losses for three consecutive financial years as it moves forward with its merger with Keppel Offshore and Marine (Keppel O&M). The company’s latest results release shows a reduced loss of $261.1 million for the FY2022 ended Dec 31, 2022. The merged entity will be helmed by Chris Ong, Keppel O&M’s CEO, and has a combined orderbook of SGD18bn ($13.4bn) in value for delivery between 2023 and 2026. Despite the losses, SembMarine still meets the requirements to avoid being placed under the Singapore Exchange’s watchlist, with its latest six-month average daily market capitalisation standing at $4.77 billion as of March 31.

Temasek Holdings has no direct exposure to collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Temasek Holdings, the Singaporean sovereign wealth fund, has confirmed that it does not have any direct exposure to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)