Kenneth Jeyaretnam: Singaporeans Need to Take a Long Hard Look Under That Carpet

In a compelling opinion piece, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Secretary General of the Reform Party, delves into the pressing questions surrounding the resignations of Tan Chuan-Jin, the former Speaker of Parliament, and PAP MP Cheng Li Hui. He probes into the timing and implications of their affairs and calls for an immediate GE and reforms to address the flaws in the current political system.

Former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin resigns as SNOC President amid scandal

Tan Chuan-Jin, who recently stepped down as Speaker of Parliament, also relinquished his role as Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) president. SNOC confirmed his resignation and acknowledged his valuable service.

Lim Tean urges PM Lee to call for election as more PAP scandals unfold

Amid a series of scandals engulfing the ruling party, Lim Tean, leader of the People’s Voice party, urges PM Lee to dissolve parliament and call for an election, emphasizing that a party in such a state is unfit to govern. He sees these developments as a significant lapse in PM Lee’s judgment.

A call for equitable accountability: Should a Committee of Privileges investigate PAP’s Tan Chuan-Jin scandal?

Opinion: Recent scandals within Singapore’s political landscape underline the need for equal accountability across parties – urging the question: should a Committee of Privileges probe into the Tan Chuan-Jin scandal as rigorously as it did the Workers’ Party’s Raeesah Khan case?

PM Lee’s troubling decision: The reappointment and maintenance of Tan Chuan-Jin as Speaker despite knowledge of his affair

Opinion: The recent resignation of Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, after revelations of an extra-marital affair, has forced Singapore into a state of political introspection. More critically, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s decision to reappoint and maintain Mr Tan in a position of authority, despite knowledge of the affair, has profound implications for Singapore’s political landscape. Could there be instances where individuals are appointed to positions of authority, despite knowledge of their personal indiscretions, potentially subjecting them to undue influence?

Christian blog temporarily removes articles by Tan Chuan-Jin following affair scandal

Following the affair scandal involving Tan Chuan-Jin, a Christian blog, Salt and Light, temporarily removed his articles. After contemplation, the posts were restored with the editor emphasizing the importance of grace, forgiveness, and adopting a restorative posture.

PM Lee: PAP MPs Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui persisted in ‘inappropriate relationship’ despite being advised to stop

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong disclosed during a press conference that the resignations of Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and MP Cheng Li Hui were driven by their involvement in an inappropriate relationship, which persisted despite prior warnings. In response to media inquiries, PM Lee confirmed that he became aware of their relationship after the last general election in 2020. Although PM Lee confronted both individuals about the matter in February this year, recent information indicated that the relationship between Mr. Tan and Ms. Cheng was still ongoing.

Speaker of parliament Tan Chuan-Jin and MP Cheng Li Hui resign amidst concerns on ‘propriety and personal conduct’

On Monday (17 Jul), Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and MP Cheng Li Hui announced their resignations from parliament and the People’s Action Party (PAP). Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong accepted both resignations, citing the need to “maintain the high standards of propriety and personal conduct which the PAP has upheld all these years.”

Discerning public will not be satisfied with a slap on the wrist for Tan Chuan-Jin

Letter: The recent controversy over Speaker Tan Chuan Jin’s unparliamentary outburst has provoked significant backlash, with former Director of Singapore’s Internal Security Department believing that a mere censure won’t suffice to assuage public dissatisfaction

Workers’ Party expresses disappointment over Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin’s derogatory remark incident

The Workers’ Party has expressed disappointment over Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin’s derogatory comment towards MP Jamus Lim. The incident has raised concerns about impartiality, leading the Progress Singapore Party to call for a parliamentary motion over the matter.