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Is the PAP government trading gay rights for Christian support?

The issue of the legality of gay sex is clearly a hot potato with no one wanting to take responsibility. As a law, section 377A is obsolete and illogical. Firstly, it reflects outdated values. Secondly, no one has ever been prosecuted for it which makes its relevance in the statute books a nonsense. Thirdly, lesbian sex is not illegal which …

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“Serious doubts” about Govt’s compliance with legal obligations

In a letter published on the TODAY newspaper on 17 November, Ms Goh Li Sian echoed an article on The Online Citizen (TOC) on 15 November – that the recent decision by the Court of Appeal (CA) on the constitutionality of anti-gay sex law, section 377a, contradicts the government’s position on the issue. In its decision a week ago, the …

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