Netizens lament the death of 72-year-old in accident on his first day of work as school-bus driver

A 72-year-old driver passed away in the hospital after his van skidded and crashed near Redhill MRT Station. The victim was taken to the Singapore General Hospital, where he died while unconscious. The accident has sparked comments from netizens who expressed their condolences and concern over elderly workers in Singapore. Some lamented the fact that the driver had to work at the age of 72, despite being of retirement age and should have been allowed to retire with dignity. Others suggested that the cut-off age for driving should be a maximum of 70 years old and called on the government to do more to support elderly citizens.

Malaysian man and 6-months pregnant wife killed in traffic accident on way to work in Singapore

A Malaysian couple was killed in a motorcycle accident at the 18.4 km mark of the Second Link between Malaysia and Singapore while on their way to work in Singapore. The couple, Low Kim Cheong and Tan Li Ru, who was six months pregnant at the time, was pronounced dead on the scene. Police investigations showed that the motorcycle had skidded by itself, but Tan Li Ru’s sister filed a police report stating that there was no evidence of the motorcycle slipping and losing control, and some passerby had claimed that a driver hit-and-run at the scene.

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