TERENGGANU, MALAYSIA — A Malaysian ambulance driver rushing to the accident scene to pick up a victim’s body, was shocked to realise that the victim was in fact his 21-year-old son who was involved in a fatal crash with a lorry.

Mohd Taqwa Ismail, an ambulance driver working at Sungai Tong Health Clinic, Terengganu, received an emergency call at 4.30 pm last Sunday (6 Nov) of an accident scene along Km38 Jalan Kuala Terengganu-Kota Baru.

49-year-old Mohd Taqwa was told to pick up the victim’s body and transport it to Setiu Hospital.

Unfortunately, when he arrived at the scene, he recognised the motorcycle that was involved in the accident as the one belonging to his son, Muhammad Aiman.

Mohd Taqwa told Malaysia media New Straits Times, “In the 21 years I have worked as an ambulance driver, that was the first time I had been faced with a situation involving a family member. Only Allah knows the sorrow I felt at the time.”

Aiman had worked at the Islamic Civilization Park (Taman Tamadun Islam, TTI) landscape unit for only five months. Mohd Taqwa recalled.

Usually, his son would bring food to work, but that day he said he wanted to have dinner at home. Mohd Taqwa believes that Aiman must have been on his way home before he met up with the unfortunate accident.

“Coincidentally, the day before I managed to fry some fish I brought back from a trip to Tasik Kenyir. He had eaten that and then asked to keep some so he could eat it yesterday.”

Mohd Taqwa said his son was buried at the Felda Belara Muslim cemetery at 11.30am on Monday (7 Nov).

Afandi Hussin, Setiu police chief Deputy Superintendent told the media that Aiman had died at the scene of the crash from head injuries.

“Aiman, who was riding a Honda EX5, was said to have tried to overtake another vehicle and crashed into the lorry which was coming from the opposite direction, ” he said.

Afandi added that the 30-year-old lorry driver was not injured in the accident, but police are investigating the case under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act for causing death by reckless or dangerous driving.

Employer, and friends mourn Aiman on social media

TTI management office had posted a condolence message, mourning their young staff Aiman who had returned to Rahmatullah.

“This 21-year-old young man is hardworking, quiet and friendly. He went back and forth every day from Sungai Tong, to Setiu, earning fortune and experiences in TTI. ”

Tik Tok user amirulayraff.ff, who appears to be a close friend of the deceased Aiman, posted a short video in remembrance of his friend.

“One of our good friends had departed. From kindergarten until age 21 we never lost contact, while we continue to study in different schools. Aiman was full of laughter and always made people happy,” he wrote in the post.

@amirulasyraff.ff6/11/22 perginye salah seorang shbt baik kami, dari tadika smpai umur 21 tak pernh ptus contact, masing2 smbung belajar dlm minat yg berbeza, aiman T yg penuh gelagat ketawa buat org sekiling selalu happy, namun apekan daya ajal dan maut tnpa siapa yang tahu, MUHAMMAD AIMAN BIN MOHD TAQWA semoga syurga buat mu sahabt, tenanglah disana walaupn permegianmu berat untuk kami di sini terima❤️❤️❤️😔😔

♬ Do’aku – Haddad Alwi

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