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Enbloc Sale – Can you lose money from it?

Enbloc - Shunfu ville

When is Enbloc good or bad news? Receiving an enbloc offer for your property is akin to striking lottery. So who wouldn’t be pleased with it? Not everyone actually. Some may have an emotional attachment to their home or location as their family or relatives may have stayed in this development or in this vicinity, still many others dislike the …

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Is it advisable to buy a shoebox unit to rent out?

Shoebox Condominium units

Singaporeans love the property market. Some Singaporeans love it so much, they think owning a house is a magical cure to every financial issue. How to store your wealth? Buy a house. How to get passive income? Buy a shoebox to Rent out. How to deal with your kid getting less than straight A’s, and not being a CEO who …

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4 things to note for Property Outlook 2017-2018

Property Outlook 2017 is out, and for your convenience, we’ve summarised the interesting bits here. This might be a challenging year for landlords (and by default property agents); we all know there’s some correlation between the overall economy and the property market, and right now they’re both in a slump. But forewarned is forearmed and all, so go into the …

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