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Leave Potong Pasir to Mrs Chiam: RP sec gen to fellow opposition parties

By Ariffin Sha As Potong Pasir SMC shapes up for a four-way battle in the next General Election, Reform Party (RP) chief, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, has chided fellow opposition parties which have shown interest in the ward. Mr Jeyaretnam singled out the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and independent candidate, Tan Lam Siong, for not allowing Mrs Lina Chiam, who lost Potong …

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Why is the HDB playing party politics?

I see no reason why the HDB should break the news to the losing PAP candidates. Does the HDB inform losing opposition candidates of impending upgrading in the wards they contested in, for example in East Coast or Tampines? Definitely not! Gerald Giam, on HDB informing losing PAP candidate in Potong Pasir, Sitoh YihPin, of the upcoming lift upgrading in …

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