Singapore People’s Party (SPP) chairman Jose Raymond took to his Facebook on Thursday (19 Nov) to praise a Potong Pasir resident for saving a man who was on the verge of drowning at Kallang River.

According to Mr Raymond, the incident took place last Friday (13 Nov) at about 6.45pm when the resident, Ram Nitesh Tiwary, spotted a man struggling in the Kallang River along Potong Pasir Avenue 2.

Mr Ram, who was on his way to work at that time, immediately called the police and an ambulance before rushing to assist the struggling man in the river with a life buoy.

“He called the police, an ambulance and then ran towards a life buoy, released it, climbed down the railings and threw the buoy towards the male who was struggling in the river.

“After the man in the river had a grip on the buoy, Nitesh pulled him towards the river bank and then got him out of the river to the side of the canal close to the railings,” Mr Raymond recounted in his post.

Mr Ram then waited for the police and ambulance to arrive at the scene. He proceeded to head to work afterwards.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the first time the heroic Potong Pasir resident had saved a life.

“In 2018, he also received a community lifesaver award for performing CPR on someone who was having cardiac arrest,” Mr Raymond revealed.

The SPP chairman thanked Mr Ram for his valiant service to society.

“I am so proud of you and you are my hero,” he remarked.

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