Image source: Potong Pasir SMC Facebook

Singapore People’s Party (SPP)’s chairman Jose Raymond on Monday (14 Sep) called on the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to look into a feedback submitted by a resident of Potong Pasir regarding illegal parking issues.

In a Facebook post, Mr Raymond shared a screenshot of the feedback by the resident, which expressed concerns about illegal parking of heavy vehicles along Potong Pasir Ave 1.

According to the Potong Pasir resident, this has been happening on a daily basis since July.

What’s more, the resident stated that a report was made to the LTA last month yet no action has been taken since.

“I have reported this matter to LTA via onemotoring last month but no action seemed to be taken,” the resident wrote.

The resident also shared a couple of photos showing six heavy vehicles and one van parked illegally by the road, noting that this scenario forces the four-way lane to become two-way.

Concerning the safety of those travelling that way, the resident said, “It has been raining for the past few weeks and visibility is bad, there are several cases of near accidents as there is a pedestrian crossing for the PCN (Park Connector Network), as well as bus service no.142 turning along this road.”

The resident went on to say that the illegal parking of these heavy vehicles has been of great inconvenience to the whole neighbourhood, adding that it is only a matter of time before an accident takes place.

“Appreciate enforcement on these illegal parking and the welfare of the residents been looked after,” the resident remarked.

Mr Raymond, who contested in Potong Pasir SMC during GE2020, urged the LTA to look into this matter and take necessary actions before any mishap happens.

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