Thai reformist party to back rival after PM vote defeat

Thailand’s reformist party, Move Forward Party (MFP), will support a rival candidate from Pheu Thai for prime minister after MFP’s leader was blocked by the military and pro-royalist establishment. MFP’s focus is on restoring civilian government and democracy.

Thai govt calls for calm after reformist’s PM bid fails

Thai caretaker Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha urges calm after military and pro-royalist lawmakers thwart a popular progressive candidate’s bid to become the next premier. A peaceful protest follows, expressing frustration over the situation. The Move Forward Party’s reformist platform poses a threat to the establishment’s agenda, leading to the suspension of its leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, from parliament. Pita has promised to step aside, and property tycoon Srettha Thavisin is expected to lead the coalition backing him.

Thai reformist Pita’s PM bid crashes on establishment opposition

Thai reformist leader Pita Limjaroenrat’s bid for prime minister was blocked by the military and pro-royalist establishment. Despite his party’s popularity, Pita faced disqualification due to media company shares, leaving a path open for a potential compromise candidate. The situation could trigger civil unrest in Thailand.

Thailand’s Pita says unlikely to be PM after suspension from parliament

Thailand’s reformist Pita Limjaroenrat faces suspension amid his bid for prime minister after winning an election with a promise of change, facing opposition from the conservative establishment and military-appointed senators.

Thai reformist suspended from parliament in fresh blow to PM bid

Thailand’s constitutional court suspends reformist Pita Limjaroenrat, obstructing his bid for prime minister after a significant election victory. The court will decide if he should be disqualified from parliament due to share ownership in a media company. Political tensions and potential protests loom.

APHR asserts Thai people’s right to genuine democracy amid second PM vote

As Thailand prepares for its second Prime Minister vote, the ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) call for urgent reforms to the Thai constitution. APHR’s Charles Santiago advocates for a ‘genuine democracy’ and condemns existing rules that uphold military’s political stronghold, impeding authentic democratic transformation.

What is Thailand’s royal defamation law?

Thailand’s strict royal defamation laws hinder reformist party’s government formation, facing opposition from military-appointed senators.

Thai reformist faces second uphill battle in bid to become PM

Reformist Pita Limjaroenrat seeks endorsement as Thailand’s prime minister, facing opposition from military-appointed senators and potential disqualification, while a compromise candidate and political unrest loom as possibilities.

Thwarted Thai PM candidate chases support for next vote

Thailand’s liberal reformist leader seeks support for his second attempt at becoming prime minister after facing opposition from military-appointed senators in his initial bid.

Thai parliament to hold another PM vote after reformist candidate falls short

Thailand’s parliament will hold a second vote for the new prime minister on 19 July after pro-royalist lawmakers blocked frontrunner Pita Limjaroenrat’s bid.