Redditors highlight challenges faced by elderly hawkers in retiring due to increasing rental and living costs in Singapore

Redditors express concerns about hawkers’ struggles with inflation, rental hikes, and the hesitation to raise prices due to fears of losing loyal customers amid rising living costs in Singapore.

Hawkers’ business costs ignored in IPS study on food expenses, says Kf Seetoh, who calls for end to bidding practices of stalls

Makansutra founder Kf Seetoh criticizes IPS study on food expenses for overlooking hawkers’ costs, urging policymakers to reduce rental costs and find alternative ways to support low-wage Singaporeans for their food expenditure.

Dirty dishes pile up at Albert Food Centre amid cut in cleaning staff after diners made to return their own trays

Albert Food Centre faces cleaning issues with dirty dishes piled up due to staff shortage ever since diners were required to return their own trays.

Facebook post raises awareness of financial strain from requests for extra utensils and dishes for Singapore hawker stores

A Facebook post by a Singapore hawker’s nephew has raised awareness of the financial strain that hawkers face when customers request extra utensils and dishes. Limited storage space, low prices, and the need to wash bowls after closing time can make it difficult for hawkers to provide extra items, which can cut into their profits.

“Get rid of the bidding process”, says Kf Seetoh and suggests fair rental system for hawker center stall

SINGAPORE —  “Get rid of the bidding process la, ” said Makansutra…

The jury is out on whether hawkers will survive post-COVID-19, says Makansutra founder KF Seetoh

The current Phase 2 heightened alert that Singapore is on is “worse…

Let foreigners be hawkers, if all else fails: "ang moh"

“If all else fails, serious consideration should be given to allowing foreigners…