Let foreigners be hawkers, if all else fails: “ang moh”


“If all else fails, serious consideration should be given to allowing foreigners to become hawkers, provided they have completed the training programme,” said Ms Elizabeth Bennet, writing for the Straits Times.

Ms Bennet, who describes herself as “just an ang moh” (Caucasian), was referring to how hawker centres in Singapore “were endangered”. This, she said, was because of several factors, including first-generation hawkers dying or retiring because of age, and their children not willing to take over, the low profit margins of running a hawker stall, and better job opportunities for the young in other industries and sectors.

One way to help hawkers “make decent profits” and “have a higher quality of life”, Ms Bennet says, is for the public to accept “moderate price increases”.

She then suggested that the Government could offer “subsidised food cards” for the low-income citizens, if such increases in food prices made food too expensive for them.

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