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Politicising the AHPETC saga, and why ST got it wrong

By Howard Lee At some point, we would expect the AHPETC town management saga to be trotted out for a political showing, if not a showdown, as we round the corner for the next General Election. But few might expect the first volley to be fired before nomination day has been announced, and by no less than Singapore’s leading national …

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People’s Power Party is registered – Goh Meng Seng

“I am glad to announce that ROS (Registry of Societies) has been quite efficient this time round and our registration of People’s Power Party has been approved.” The above was the simple announcement made by veteran politician Goh Meng Seng on his Facebook page. This means that the new party will be able to field candidates for the coming General …

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It’s ok to be scared, PAP, just don’t push it on citizens

By Howard Lee By now, it would have been blatantly obvious to Singaporeans that the ruling People’s Action Party would not field anything close to a B team in Aljunied Group Representative Constituency, let alone a candidate that it feels is of “Ministerial caliber”. The PAP’s traditional conservatism demands it. They have been slowly eroded out of Aljunied GRC over …

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