Canada watchdog probes Nike over Uyghur forced labor claims

Nike and Dynasty Gold are under investigation in Canada for allegedly using forced labor from China’s Uyghur minority, following complaints from civil society organizations.

The key issues straining China-Canada relations

Canada has expelled a Chinese diplomat accused of intimidating a lawmaker, triggering a tit-for-tat response from Beijing as it orders Canada’s consul in Shanghai to leave. This latest episode marks the continuation of souring relations between the two countries, which began with the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in 2018, followed by the detention of two Canadians and escalating tensions over human rights, tech battles, and alleged interference in Canadian affairs. The expulsion of diplomats further heightens the strained relationship between Canada and China.

China says to expel Canada’s top diplomat in Shanghai

China has expelled Canada’s consul in Shanghai, Jennifer Lynn Lalonde, in retaliation after Canada announced the expulsion of a Chinese diplomat. The move deepens the diplomatic dispute between the two countries, following allegations of foreign interference and tensions over the arrest of a Huawei executive and the detention of two Canadians in China. The situation adds further strain to already souring relations between Beijing and Ottawa.

Canada expels Chinese diplomat, Beijing vows ‘resolute countermeasures’

Ottawa expelled a Chinese diplomat accused of intimidating a Canadian lawmaker critical of Beijing, escalating tensions and prompting warnings of retaliation. Canada’s Foreign Minister emphasized that defending democracy was paramount, while China accused Canada of sabotaging relations and threatened countermeasures. The move comes amid strained Sino-Canadian relations due to previous disputes and allegations of foreign interference in Canada’s elections. Experts anticipate possible economic reprisals or the expulsion of Canadian diplomats in response.

Canada public broadcaster CBC quits Twitter over ‘government-funded’ label

Canadian public broadcaster CBC and its French-language version Radio-Canada are quitting Twitter due to the government-funded label questioning their editorial independence. Following NPR and the BBC, CBC and Radio-Canada stated that Twitter’s “government-funded media” tag is false and deceptive as their editorial independence is protected under Canadian broadcasting law. They will pause their corporate Twitter account and all CBC and Radio-Canada news-related accounts. The broadcaster urged Canadians to follow it on other social media.

Canada opens investigation into AI firm behind ChatGPT

Canada’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner has launched an investigation into OpenAI, the US-based software firm behind ChatGPT, following a complaint alleging unauthorized collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. ChatGPT, known for its ability to generate content from brief prompts, has raised concerns about data privacy and security. This move comes amidst growing calls for increased scrutiny of AI-powered technologies, including a recent call by Elon Musk and global experts for a pause in research on more powerful AI systems due to risks to society. Italy has also blocked ChatGPT over data use concerns, and Europol has warned about potential criminal exploitation of conversational bots.

Canada reports first death linked to AstraZeneca jab

A 54-year-old woman has died in Canada after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID…

Crew aboard Canadian warship docked at Changi Naval Base tries S’porean kueh for the first time

A ship full of Canadian sailors recently had their first-ever culinary experience…