As vaccination efforts begun rolling around Singapore and the world, the Ministry of Manpower has advised that foreign domestic workers (FDWs) who have recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection, or have been vaccinated, are allowed to enter the country.

In response to a query from TOC, MOH said that FDWs with a recent travel history to higher-risk countries/regions will have to take an on-arrival serology test.

This protocol was implemented starting 5 February 2021, said MOH Quality Service Manager Yasmin Nisha.

The on-arrival serology test will be done in addition to the on-arrival polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test requirement that has been in place since 24 January this year.

“The additional on-arrival serology test will allow for the identification of workers who have recovered from an old COVID-19 infection and have antibodies,” said MOM.

“They can therefore be released from SHN.”

As for FDWs who have been vaccinated, it was noted that they will still be subject to prevailing border measures and SHN requirements.

MOH said, “With regards to vaccinated individuals, while there is evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are effective in preventing symptomatic disease, the extent of their ability in preventing transmission to others is still being studied.

“MOH is actively monitoring the vaccine situation, including studies on the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing transmission risk.

“As these studies are still ongoing, all travellers, including those who have undergone vaccination, will continue to be subject to prevailing border measures and SHN requirements. We will review these requirements as more information on vaccine effectiveness becomes available.”

This is the one of the many procedures and arrangements announced to allow foreign workers to enter into Singapore as border controls are gradually and carefully scaled down with more countries rolling out vaccines.

Malaysia cargo drivers will be vaccinated in Singapore; cost borne by gov’t

Just today, (18 March), the Ministry of Trade and Industry revealed that cargo drivers from Malaysia who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Singapore will receive an immunisation certificate and be exempted from having to undergo daily on-arrival tests 14 days after the second dose.

Channel NewsAsia reported the MTI as saying, “Cargo drivers and accompanying personnel who have taken both doses of the vaccine in Singapore will receive an SMS acknowledgement that they have completed the vaccination process, as well as an immunisation certificate.”

“They will be exempted from daily on-arrival tests 14 days after the second dose. However, they may continue to be subjected to testing at Singapore’s land checkpoints from time to time.”

The ministry added that cargo drivers have not been vaccinated will still be able to enter Singapore, however they will have to adhere to prevailing border health measures such as on-arrival testing.


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