Last Friday (29 Nov), Gojek celebrated its first year in Singapore with a new milestone of 30 million completed trips. The number represents a threefold increase in completed trips in just six months as the company hit the 10-million mark back in June.

Since its launch on 29 November 2018, Gojek Singapore has seen exponential growth. Singapore is now Gojek’s second-largest transport market after Indonesia in terms of transaction value, a testament to customer trust and value in Gojek’s offering. It also boasts the highest market penetration rate across Gojek’s markets in Southeast Asia.

Andre Soelistyo, Gojek’s Co-CEO said: “Looking back over the past year, I am amazed at what Gojek has achieved. We have grown from an Indonesian movement into a Southeast Asian one, with Singapore forming an important spoke in our international growth.”

“We have completed 30 million trips here since we launched exactly one year ago – a significant milestone that would not have been possible without the support of our driver-partners, customers, and everyone in the Gojek Singapore team. I believe that next year will be even bigger for us as we focus on enhancing our offering in our second year in Singapore,” he added.

Image from Gojek
Gojek Announces Partnership With Trans-Cab
To commemorate its first year, Gojek is also expanding its transport offering through a new partnership with Trans-Cab Services, Singapore’s second-largest taxi company, as it looks to enhance its offering and service quality in 2020.
Under the arrangement, more than 3,000 Trans-Cab taxi drivers will gain access to bookings made via the Gojek platform, and will be able to fulfill private-hire trips on a flat-fare basis from December 2019.
The partnership will improve ride availability and wait times for Gojek customers, and allow Trans-Cab taxi drivers to enjoy additional earning opportunities in the form of on-demand bookings through the Gojek platform. Trans-Cab taxi drivers will also stand to enjoy the same driver benefits that Gojek driver-partners do.
“This collaboration with Gojek is fantastic. It will enable our drivers to access on-demand bookings via the Gojek app, while they continue to be able to take on street-hail jobs. Our drivers will greatly benefit from this flexibility and increased earning opportunity,” said Teo Kiang Ang, CEO of Trans-Cab.
“As part of the agreement, we are also exploring new joint benefits for Gojek driver-partners and Trans-Cab drivers, including preferential home electricity rates by Union Energy, the holding company of Trans-Cab and an energy provider in Singapore,” he added.
Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, commented: “We are highly excited about our Trans-Cab partnership. Not only will our customers enjoy better ride availability with an enlarged fleet, our driver-partners can look forward to exclusive savings with Union Energy (as part of our deeper Trans-Cab partnership), yet another benefit under GoalBetter, our comprehensive driver benefits programme.”
Trans-Cab Driver Loses Job After Being Filmed In Viral Videos For Road Rage And Criminal Intimidation
Interestingly, on the same day (29 Nov) as Gojek’s 1st birthday in Singapore along with the announcement of its partnership with Trans-Cab Services, two videos featuring a Trans-Cab driver behaving aggressively – violently harassing a motorist in one and berating a couple in another – took the Internet by storm.
In the first one-and-a-half-minute video, the cab driver, dressed in a white checkered shirt and black pants, wearing a beanie and surgical mask along with a sling bag, was seen engaging in an aggressive behaviour towards a motorist – who remained in his car the whole time, filming the incident.
While in the second video that only lasted thirty seconds, the driver was caught hurling vulgarities at a couple who was with their child.
As reported by The Straits Times (ST) on 30 November, Trans-Cab has terminated the contract of the aforementioned driver. The 42-year-old cab driver began his employment for the company earlier in July.
Meanwhile, the police stated that they have established the identity of the taxi driver, and further investigations are ongoing.
They noted that the driver was involved in a case of road rage along Paterson Hill on 22 November, as well as a case of criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt at 14 Scotts Road on 24 November.

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