The Singapore Police Force has said that they are investigating the Trans-Cab driver who was captured in two videos that went viral on Friday, said to be involved in a case of road rage and a case of criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt.
Just yesterday, two videos of a driver from Trans-Cab went viral on social media platforms.
In the first one-and-a-half-minute video, the cab driver, dressed in a white checkered shirt and black pants, wearing a beanie and surgical mask along with a sling bag, can be seen engaging in an aggressive behaviour towards a motorist – who remained in his car the whole time, filming the incident.
While in the second video that only lasted thirty seconds, the driver was seen berating a couple who is with their child.

In response to queries from members of the public, the SPF has stated that the Police have “established the identity of the 42-year-old male taxi driver involved in a case of road rage along Paterson Hill on 22 November 2019, and a case of criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt at 14 Scotts Road on 24 November 2019, as revealed in two videos circulating online.”

“Police investigations are ongoing.”, said the Police.

TOC has written to Trans-Cab for their comments and will include them when they respond.

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