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Two Singaporeans arrested for drug abuse in Malaysia

Two Singaporeans were arrested by the Malaysian police for drug abuse in a raid on a night club in Sun Complex, Bukit Bintang on Sunday (10 March) morning.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Mazlan Lazim said that the police arrested 37 people, whom comprised of 28 men and nine women, who were among the 81 tested for drugs in the operation conducted at about 2.45 am.

He said that the police used sniffer dogs from its K9 Unit to sniff out bottled drinks laced with drugs at the entertainment centre, which employed foreign guest relations officers to attract guests.
Among those arrested, there were fifteen workers, 10 Chinese and five Vietnamese.

He told the reporters that drinks laced with drugs were also found in a room occupied by four men, two of whom were Singaporeans together with four GROs from China and they were all taken to Kuala Lumpur police headquarters for further action.