Source: Hady Matyyn Twitter account.

Train left station with door wide open; station manager suspended

Passengers of a northbound train that had left Ang Mo Kio MRT station on Monday (11 March) at around 7.30 pm were startled as the train left the station with its door wide open.

A passenger, Hady Matyyn, who happened to be inside the train and posted the video of the incident.

“Was on the train and this happened, luckily nobody was hurt, do something about this, SMRT,” he wrote on his post.

The station manager can be seen in the video, handling a train door fault while in the train when it moved off with the door open.

Speaking to the media, vice-president of SMRT corporate communications Margaret Teo said that in-train announcements were made to tell commuters to keep clear of the door area and hold on to grip poles.

She then noted that the train stopped shortly after travelling around 200m and returned to Ang Mo Kio station, where all commuters disembarked safely.