Drag queen Becca D’Bus slams young boys’ behaviour after they questioned his sexuality in public

Drag queen Becca D’Bus recently got a rude shock when a group of boys went up to him and questioned his sexuality.

Revealing this news on his Facebook page, he said that he was dining at Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant when a boy from the group thought it will be acceptable to police D’Bus gender by walking up to him and asking him to justify his choices of wearing nail polish and stained lips.

“They also thought it would be cute to yell the words ‘you gay ah?!’ when I got up to pay at the cashier,” the drag queen added.

D’Bus then went on further to ask netizens if they recognise these boys or their parents as he wants to let them know that these boys have been terribly raised.

He jokingly ended his post by stating, “Surely everybody knows it is rude to interrupt a fat person when they eat.”

After his post was uploaded, Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant left its comment on the post and told that they’re terribly sorry that this had happened to him at their restaurant. “We do not support nor condone this type of behaviour. Feel free to alert any of our staff should such an incident happen again, we’ll gladly show them the door.”

Besides the restaurants, netizens also felt extremely disgusted with the boys’ attitude and felt sorry that D’Bus had to encounter such a situation.

It appears that after one of the boys confronted D’Bus, he replied him and said “I don’t want to answer your questions” as he felt that he did not owe them education, and he was too tired to be really angry at the boys.