Four women, aged between 22 and 29, were arrested for offences under the Women’s Charter during an enforcement operation against vice activities on 27 December 2018 along Moonstone Lane, Race Course Road and Middle Road conducted by the Central Police Division.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the women advertised their sexual services online and operated from hotels and apartments, the police stated in an earlier press release on Saturday (29 December).

Source: SPF website.

Investigations against the cases are ongoing.

Under the Women’s Charter, any person who knowingly lives wholly or in part on the earnings of the prostitution of another person shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years and shall also be liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

The Police stressed that it will spare no effort to clamp down and take tough enforcement action against anyone involved in vice activities, noting that those found engaging in such activities will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

TOC would like to note that prostitution is not illegal in Singapore and questions the need to portray the alleged sex workers captured in SPF’s photos as criminals.

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原文译自:阮健平(Francis Yuen) 近期执政党宣称需要得到强力的委托,以应对当前的危机和将来的挑战。然而,政府的表现未能与它在国会的议席数直接关联,却要求强力委托是令人困惑的。 近数月来当局应对冠状病毒19疫情的表现令人失望,也清楚说明,强力委托不一定保障优秀的表现。反之,却怂恿自满、自大和群体迷思(groupthink)。 在上届大选,执政党就已经获得了强力的委托,获得超过三分二议席的优势。近年来在推行法案上,都鲜有遇到阻碍,即便是备受争议的总统选举修宪亦未有波折。 那么为何要大声疾呼需要获得强力委托?只有一个可能,就是执政党不希望它们的执政和推行的政策出现“干扰”。认为“干扰”有害、对于任何影响这个国家的问题,他们相信只有他们才具备相应才能、良策和解答。也许他们是真的自信,自己才知道怎样才对国民最有利,但事实并非如此。 相反,国会更需要存在另一把声音,不仅仅是权力制衡,同时也提供建设性意见和提案,解决迫在眉睫的问题。强而有力的异议,确保政府在特别是需要透明和问责的领域,更为慎重。 有者绘声绘影称若国会中太多反对声音,国家会走下坡。事实远非如此。我们已经是发达和成熟国家。我们的国民已有较高教育水平,有能力的有志之士,在适当的地方服务。他们希望国家变得更好,国民能从中受惠。我们必须改变我们的思维,接受替代的声音是建设性的,而不是搞破坏。他们是为了人民党福祉。他们挺身而出,不是为了倾覆小舟,反之是协力建造更坚固的船只,来抵御未来的大风大浪。 如果抱持这种心态,就不会再有需要强力委托的思维了。相反,更需要的是在国会中不同意见的有力协作,成为一种新常态。由单一政党主导的乏味讨论,将让路给公开和百家争鸣、对制定好决策亟需的思辨。这是现今缺乏、也是我国要健全成长,极为需要的政治成熟度。 有必要去建设一个恰当的环境,鼓励自由竞争、不受恐惧束缚的环境。才能把我们最佳的展现出来。我们理应值得更好的。

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