South Korean women deported by Police, North Korea dictator wefied with Ministers

Five South Korean women who were arrested outside the St Regis Hotel under the Public Order Act where North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was staying whilst in Singapore for his landmark meeting with President Donald Trump have been deported after a stern warning by authorities in Singapore.

If ministers are allowed to take happy selfies with a murderer, why were the women who were reminding the public on the murderous nature of this leader arrested and deported? Shouldn’t both versions of the story be heard?

A summit does not whitewash the evil deeds of a totalitarian. While Kim should have been cordially treated by the Singapore government as hosts of the event, treating him like some sort of A list celebrity is really a step too far.

The women who have bravely staged a protest have remained unnamed and anonymous when really, they were staging a very legitimate protest. Why was a peaceful protest not allowed?

Is that why Singapore was chosen as the venue for this historic summit in the first place? I.e. No protests guaranteed or rather, all protests will be forcibly prevented by hook or by crook? If this is indeed the case, the fact that the summit is held here is a dubious honour as it is implying that Singaporeans are so lackadaisical about world events that they see absolutely nothing wrong with venerating a tyrannical ruler who lives in the lap of luxury while more than half of his population starve.

I suppose if our leaders’ examples are anything to go by (think Minister Vivian Balakrishnan posing with Kim Jong Un in a now infamous selfie) – perhaps this apathetic reputation is warranted.

Is it just me or is it completely distasteful for our Minister for Foreign Affairs to completely trivialise the acts of horror this individual has perpetuated by acting as if Kim is some kind of reality TV star? It is one thing to be professional – quite another to appear star struck.

While the activists who were trying to highlight an important point were being bundled out of the country with uncommon haste, our Minister for Foreign Affairs was taking welfies with a dictator.