Source: TODAY Online video screengrab.

Five South Korean women arrested under Public Order Act near St Regis where Kim Jong Un was staying

Five South Korean women were arrested on Monday (11 June) night under the Public Order Act for allegedly causing trouble and failing to heed multiple warnings from the police to stop their activities in Orchard Road, a special zone demarcated for the Trump-Kim Summit.

Singapore Police Force (SPF) stated that the protesters were arrested at the junction of Tanglin Road and Nassim Road at around 9.10 pm, near The St Regis Singapore hotel where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his delegation were staying.

By the time the commotion happened, Mr Kim was on his way to visit Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens by the Bay.

According to the Straits Times, the police stated that the arrest was within a "smaller, even more restricted special zone" within the enhanced security special event area, which featured tighter security than other areas owing to the closeness to where both Mr Kim and US President Donald Trump were staying.

In an earlier statement from the police, it said that the venues involved in the Summit, and the areas around them, have correspondingly been designated as Enhanced Security Special Event Areas from 10 June to 14 June 2018.

To ensure public safety and security, the Police had put in place strict security measures within these areas,especially in the Tanglin area and Sentosa.

Earlier on Monday, the group of protesters unfurled banners promoting their cause near Capella Singapore hotel in Sentosa, the location of the summit meeting, without elaborating on what that was.

Later in the evening, the women were found near the Shangri-La Hotel, where the US delegation was staying, with protest placards.

The police then told them to leave the area. It was said that, instead of complying, the women headed to the nearby St Regis which was still within the special event area.

In a statement, the police said, "The police again stopped and warned them not to carry out any protest activities. During the engagement, they refused to cooperate with the police, became rowdy and started to shout. Despite police's repeated warnings, the group continued shouting and were subsequently arrested."

A Dutch couple who lived nearby told the Straits Times that they saw around 50 policemen, including those donning riot gear, surrounding the women and placed them under arrest.

They stated that the group had not displayed their protest signs at that point in time.

The witness who declined to be named said that the protesters were shouting very loudly to the police, adding, "We saw them being handcuffed and led away by a lot of officers."

Police investigations are ongoing.