Public protests: Singaporean activist arrested while foreign protesters told to leave

Yahoo Singapore reported that a South Korean woman, Kim Gi-young, 69, staged a protest near the Capella hotel where Trump and Kim was meeting this morning (12 Jun).

She was urging North Korea to return her father Kim Young-il, whom she claimed was kidnapped by the North in 1960 and that his current fate is unknown.

Her comments were translated by Kim Kyou-ho, 52, a South Korean pastor.

The sign being held up by the South Korean woman read:

“If North Korea really wants to end the war, it will follow the Geneva Convention. Check the whereabouts of the kidnapped in the Korean War and send the remains!”

The Singapore police later intervened and merely asked both of them to leave the premises. There appear to be no arrests.

Lianhe Zaobao also reported of an earlier incident where  Chu-Meifeng, a Taiwanese TV journalist and politician stood in front of the media, holding a placard, “Trump – Peace Korea, Trump – War Taiwan, Nobel Peace Prize?” and spoke to the public.

After around two minutes of delivering her speech, around two to three police officers came to her and asked the media to step off the road and hinted for Chu to end her speech and leave the place.

No arrest was appeared to be made as well.

Singaporean activist Seelan Palay arrested

But the same cannot be said about the fate of a Singaporean who attempted to present a public display of a “performance art piece”.

Last Oct, Singaporean activist and artist, Seelan Palay, was arrested outside Parliament House, where he was presenting part of a performance art piece in tribute to long-time political detainee Chia Thye Poh.

The police deemed that he was staging an illegal protest and duly arrested him.

When asked by the media, the police responded by saying it received a call for assistance regarding “a man who was allegedly holding an unlawful protest outside the Parliament House”.

“The 32-year-old man was subsequently arrested under the Public Order Act,” the police confirmed with regard to the arrest of Mr Seelan.

Mr Seelan was putting up a performance titled “32 Years: The Interrogation of a Mirror”, to commemorate the 32 years that Dr Chia spent living in detention and under restriction.

Mr Seelan is a social activist who has previously spoken out on a range of issues, from the death penalty to detention without trial.

Dr Chia, who is 77 this year, was a Barisan Socialis MP who was elected to Parliament in 1963. He was subsequently arrested by the PAP government in October 1966 for “organising and leading an illegal street procession” to demand that a general election be held and that certain conditions, including the release of all political detainees and the abolishment of laws he deemed undemocratic, be met.

Dr Chia was detained for 23 years and was released in May 1989, after spending time in prison and halfway houses, and was allowed to live on Sentosa island. He was allowed to live on mainland Singapore from 1992.

The restrictions imposed on his travel, public speeches and political activities were fully lifted by the Government in Nov 1998.