Source: Kevin Oh video screengrab.

Elderly man decries high cost of living in Singapore, while Police professionally guides him away from scene

An elderly man was seen yelling to officers because he was asked to take detour since there is a road blockage due to the on-going summit meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Tuesday (12 June).

In a video posted by Kevin Oh on Sunday (10 June), the man seemed to be unhappy with the higher cost of living caused by Singapore government policies and the way the government spend the tax payers money.

He was with a woman and he told the officers, "12 percent of increase you take and you tell me to go off."

"Why don't you walk around? Why don't you walk around and shortcut yourself?" he yelled.

"You take 12 percent increase in electricity (bill) and 30 percent increase (of) water (bill) and you spend money like this? Jiak Liao Bee (translation - Referring to people who are useless and only serve to waste rice)!" he shouted.

The video was also posted by Taxiuncle Group. By the time the story is being written, the video was being shared for more than 2,300 times and was seen by 97,000 netizens.

Some took to comments section to express their view regarding the matter.

Some agreed that he reflects what people think about the government's policies.

Goh Meng Seng wrote, "While the couple may be venting their anger at the poor policeman on duty due to the blockade, but they have reflected some of the underlying sentiments that ground people have.
He is not crazy nor mad, but upset and angry that on one hand, PAP claims money no enough, raise taxes, GST to be raised, airport tax etc, but on the other hand, throw a $20 million party for two guys who have nothing to do with us just like that... his anger is reasonable."

Riz Noritzwan wrote, "It is absolutely fine if they want to splurge millions for regional stability like they said. BUT, our own backyard mess needs to be cleaned up first and given priority. Our increasing costs of living which just keeps on increasing with no concrete justification, so many elderly people cleaning tables and collecting boxes just to fill their stomachs, and so many many other issues. In layman's terms, help and listen to the voices of your people that you sworn to serve first."

Some stated that although the man got the point, he should not direct his anger towards the policemen.

Aidil Hareez wrote, "Uncle stating the fact but abang police is just doing his job. Abang police also knows everyone’s pain too. Abang police boh pian but to keep calm and do his duty. Be like abang police."

Coby Tan wrote, "Police only following the dictator order. No point directing the anger on them, they can't do anything but we can. Our vote can be the difference."

Louis Lim wrote, "Respect the man in blue! Professionalism! Really these people deserve to be respected! This uncle seriously, I know you wanna whine about Singapore increase living cost and stuff but really do you have to rant at an officer who is just doing his job ensuring everyone is safe? So old liao also don’t know how think."

Inairus Noitutsel wrote, "Don't ya-ya scold any frontline uniform group can? Are they the one who set and keep changing the rules, policies or whatever crap - no right? Get your anger straight and direct to the faces of appropriate people. As if they happy to do roadblock duties!!! You pay forward in kindness, you do not pay forward your anger and dissatisfaction to other people."

Hoon Hong Ong wrote, "Pity the poor Police Officer, he may be a NSF, and needs to endure those barking and this is fasting month. The Uncle’s last comment was unnecessary, should not curse people like that. Our frontline officers has nothing to do with his GST and water bills."

Tan Marvin wrote, "Want to complain go Hong Lim Park. Bark at Police officer for what? People already kena duty on hot Sunday, and he pays tax too. You think he likes it?!"

Some stated that the money spent for the summit is well spent as branding is all Singapore has.

Fan Leriz wrote, "Can everyone just stop complaining over the $20 million spent? This is a global historical event. It’s an honour that Singapore is tasked to host it. It’s marketing/branding for Singapore. There are people in the world who still don’t know about Singapore. If the world don’t even knows us, who is going to come and generate money for the economy here, in turn our economy will suffer and we will suffer. So if this event can give us a huge branding impact, let’s just respect and be thankful for this opportunity.
And not tarnish our Singapore image by acting insensibly please. Having in mind, this is broadcast to the whole wide world. "

Daniel Thng wrote, "I think the $20 million is well spent. Branding is all Singapore has. We got no resources. The country must keep up its branding. We are a first world country. What do you expect?"