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$180 million of Medisave top-ups for Pioneers in 2018

Pioneers will receive letters informing them of their Pioneer Generation MediSave top-ups for 2018, which will be credited in July in the coming week.

This is announced by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Monday (11 June), noting that this forms part of the Pioneer Generation Package to thank and honour Pioneers for their hard work and dedication to make Singapore what it is today.

According to the ministry, the amount of Pioneer Generation MediSave top-up for each Pioneer is between $200 to $800 annually for life, which will cost about $180 million in 2018. This will be the fifth year Pioneers are receiving their MediSave top-ups since the launch of the Pioneer Generation Package in 2014.

Source: MOF.

MOF stated that the Pioneer Generation MediSave top-ups come in addition to the MediSave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 65 and above in 2018 under the GST Voucher Scheme.

"Pioneers, aged 69 and above in 2018, get Pioneer Generation MediSave top-ups on top of the GST Voucher scheme. The amount of GST Voucher – MediSave that a Singaporean can receive is dependent on age (i.e. aged 65 and above), Annual Value (AV) of place of residence, and the number of properties owned," the ministry noted.

More information can be found at GST voucher website. On the other hand, it noted that the amount of Pioneer Generation MediSave top-up that a Pioneer can receive depends only on the year of birth. A Pioneer will receive the same amount of top-up annually, regardless of the AV of home or the number of properties owned.

The ministry stressed that both of these are permanent schemes, disbursed yearly in July and August respectively. Silver Generation Ambassadors (formerly known as Pioneer Generation Ambassadors) have reached out to more than 427,900 seniors aged 65 and above, including Pioneers, to explain key government policies including the Pioneer Generation MediSave top-ups.

Below is an illustration on the amount of MediSave top-ups Pioneers can receive this year:

  • An older Pioneer who is 85 this year, who lives in an HDB flat and does not own a second property, will receive a total of $1,250 in MediSave top-ups this year ($800 Pioneer Generation MediSave top-up and $450 GST Voucher – MediSave).
  • A younger Pioneer who is 69 this year, and in similar circumstances as the first example, will receive a total of $450 in MediSave top-ups this year ($200 Pioneer Generation MediSave top-up and $250 GST Voucher – MediSave).