Photo of Osman Sulaiman with Dr Mahathir from his Facebook page.

Fall of UMNO lies with its cronies who support Najib despite 1MDB scandal

by Khan Osman Sulaiman

A change of government happens all over the world. It is nothing unusual but what happened in Malaysia has a significant impact on its citizens and neighbours.

For the first time post independence in Malaysia, United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is not the government of the day. The fall of UMNO is not squarely on the shoulders of Najib Razak, former Prime Minister and leader of the party, but of its cronies who continually supported a man despite mounting evidence of corruption and scandals plaguing its leadership.

The pillar of support for Najib after the revelation of 1MDB embezzlement scandal is startling. If those around him had enough gumption to decide collectively and make amend to replace Najib, Tun Mahathir would probably not contested and Umno would probably still retain power.

But life goes on for the average man on the street. Either for the better or worst. How the new government performs in the coming years is crucial.

If the new government shows it is serious about good governance and deliver on its promises, then Singaporeans can take a leaf out of the Malaysians that a regime change is not always for the worst.

This was first published on Osman’s Facebook page and reproduced with permission