Photo of the press conference by Dr Mahathir in the morning of Thursday, announcing that Pakatan Harapan has over the simple majority seats to form government (Photo: Lim Huey Teng/Malaysiakini)

Dawn of a new era, in our own backyard!

by Willy Sum

As I awoke to news that a change of government has occurred in my neighbor, I’m sure the process has been equally as nail-biting for our Lee Hsien Loong who has to grapple with losing his Bestie!

The result is not only surprising but just as baffling for the People’s Action Party government has often accused Malaysia of being racist leading to our succession but I see the opposite happening here instead. M’sians have by and large, casted aside racial differences to oust a government which they deem is the cause of their division, lack of respect for the rule of law and rampant abuses of power in the State Organs.

What’s left to be seen now is, how the days and months ahead will play out for Najib (and Rosmah) who by now, should have been deserted by their cronies. Will Anwar (or Mahathir) release to the public, any corrupt deals that were done between LHL, Najib or any of the Royal Families from GE 2008 up to now? Will existing agreements inked by S’pore, M’sia and China still be honored provided no corruption took place? Will there be a reopening of the “Altantuya Shaariibuu” case and other such cases where further investigations were hindered by the BN is best left to speculation.

However, there are leaves of lessons we can take from our next door neighbor who has demonstrated we are none the wiser when it comes to election propaganda and the dishing out of goodies which they took and voted out the BN! This in spite of the gerrymandering, hastily passed “fake news” legislations, the prohibition of certain figurines for election posters and the stipulation of polling on a weekday.

Will we end up becoming the “sick boy” of developed nations when it comes to our turn in 2 and half years time where we have to confront a rising GST in 2021, allegations of abuse of power in the 38 Oxley case, bulldozing of an Indian President into office, lack of an official poverty line and an especially apathetic Judiciary and Law Society towards under privileged litigants who have to pit themselves against large conglomerates or those accused by the State under Penal Code or CPC but do not qualify for legal representation for whatever reasons ranging from coercing them to plead guilty or the perception they are already guilty to begin with.

Will our society become mature enough to deny the PAP 2 thirds majority at the next poll, we have to only reflect on ourselves and the future we want for our next generation as M’sians already have!

Majulah Singapura dan Rakyat Singapura!

p.s. While its Hari Raya for M’sians and Mahathir Anwar, its Hari Kiamat for Najib and UMNO/PKMS ;-p