Accident at Pasir Ris involving a scooter and schoolgirl which resulted in severe injuries.

Parents to seek follow-up actions following e-scooter accident at Pasir Ris

Singapore Police Force had earlier announced on Friday (13 April) that a 24-year-old man has been arrested over a case of rash act causing hurt along Pasir Ris Drive 1 on Thursday night and an 11-year-old girl was also consciously taken to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Mr Rahmat Nizam Samat, the girl’s father, said that his wife received a phone call from one of the passer-by at around 7.15 pm alerting her that her daughter was bleeding at the mouth outside Pasir Ris East Community Club (CC).

They rushed to scene and found their daughter in tears, with a towel covering her mouth.

“When I took the towel away, I saw that her jaw was misaligned and her gums appeared to be pushed back. She was in a lot of pain,” he said.

He told Channel NewsAsia that he made his way there and found out she had been hit from the back by an e-scooter rider.

Speaking to the Straits Times, Mr Rahmat said that five passers-by came to help his oldest among his three children, Ardini Nabila.

The injury to the gums was severe as the attending dentist noted that other than the two front teeth that have dropped off, the other teeth are also affected from the impact. As a result of the head-on impact, the girl required received several stitches to her gums and have her jaw realigned as it was slightly dislocated.

“The doctors at KK hospital had to realign my kid’s jaw and gums. She lost two teeth due to the incident and sustained cuts and abrasions to her head and under her right eye, as well as to her left palm, elbows and knees. She was given seven days of MC and will need to return (on Friday) for further check-ups,” he added. Just this week, the family managed to get help to temporarily attach the broken tooth back which brought back smiles to the poor girl.

He also said that the girl also suffered abrasions on her head, face, elbow and knees. TOC understands that the doctor at KK hospital had wanted to give two days of medical leave to the girl but was eventually given seven days of medical leave to recuperate at home under the insistence of her parents.

“My daughter’s examinations are coming up, but she has to miss school. She’s worried that she can’t catch up. We also worry for her. Such an accident should not have happened,” he added.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Mr Rahmat stated that he was in a dilemma on whether by suing the rider will be beneficial or if he has the means to pay whatever the compensation amount will be. Other than the upfront medical bills, the family will have to cope with future expenses involving the girl’s dental treatment as the dentist has warned the family to expect more complications as a result of her injuries.

“But for the sake of seeking justice for my child, I will be going all out!” he stressed. TOC understands that Mr Rahmat will be seeking legal advise on the matter.

He then stated that he agrees with all the statement of banning those high powered e-scooters in which can go up to about 90km/hr.

“Is there a need to be that fast? First from my knowledge, the e-scooter was first introduced as a low powered PMD but it tremendously upgraded until its super fast now. We were so safe before this, and why is there a need to introduce another form of PMD in which is a safety hazard?”

“For those disabled and elderly PMDs, they are slow and acts as a walking aid assistance but for youngsters? Its more of showing off,” he added.

“You want to ride fast, get a bike license, go to Pasir Gudang or Sepang or join MotoGP and race. Be a professional rider, win lots of money and make Singapore proud. Not racing in our neighbourhood parks or streets, in which public safety is compromised,” the 38-year-old civil servant wrote.

“I’m still with the stand of banning high speed illegal e-scooters in Singapore. It’s way too dangerous. Today my kid got hurt, some other day it may be your loved ones. May justice prevail for my injured daughter,” he ended.

Other than e-scooters going at high speed, he also pointed out to TOC that the way how the pedestrian walkway was designed contributed to the accident as the cycling path cuts into the pedestrian way at the intersection. Which is exactly where his daughter was hit in this accident.

According to Mr Rahmat, his daughter was hit from the back after stepping on footpath which intersected the cycling path. This could have been prevented if the cycling path is on the other lane and not the inner lane.

Mr Zainal Bin Sapari wrote a Facebook post regarding the matter, saying that in May 2016 parliament, he had suggested for PMD users to have compulsory third-party insurance but MOT ” decided not to impose additional costs on everyone by making helmets and insurance compulsory”.

“During debate on Active Mobility Bill in Jan 2017, I and some MPs like Melvin Yong, Sitoh Yi Pin and Joan Pereira, had lobbied for mandatory third party insurance because it will help ensure that due compensations can be made without significant financial strains to all the parties involved,” he recalled.

However, he noted that the reply from the Minister was, “In accidents involving serious injuries and damages the Police will investigate. That is a commitment. If a cyclist or PMD user is found to be at fault, he may be prosecuted and the court will consider if compensation should be paid, in addition to all the other penalties that the perpetrator will be liable for.”

“I hope MOT will review its position again. My heart goes out the victims if the PMD users could not afford the compensation awarded by the court,” he ended.

Police investigations are ongoing.