Number of “Self-employed” locals increased by 20,000

In Parliament on Monday (5 Mar), while talking about giving more support to freelancers in Singapore, Second Manpower Minister Josephine Teo revealed that the number of “self-employed” people in Singapore has, in fact, risen by some 10%.

She revealed that based on the Government’s latest survey, the number of residents “self-employed” for at least six months last year rose to 223,500, about 10 per cent higher than the year before.

These “self-employed” residents currently make up 8.4% of Singapore’s resident workforce, she added.

In other words, within one year, the number of “self-employed” in Singapore has increased by some 20,000 people.

Tan Kin Lian: Singapore is doomed

With regard to the matter, on the former Presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian’s Facebook page, Mr Tan posted a message sent by a netizen to him:

Hi Kin,

Have you read the news today?

It was reported that the number of people who have been “self-employed” for more than 6 months is now 223,500. This is 10 per cent higher than the year before. It is unclear how many are Uber/Grab drivers.

In addition, the unemployment rate has hit an all-time high at 4.2% in Jun 2017 (last available statistic). Many of these are in their mid-40s with young school-going children and elderly parents to feed. One unemployed person is thus one too many.

Yet instead of helping these people, the PAP Ministers are busy screwing Sylvia Lim in Parliament while feeling unashamed about drawing their million-dollar salaries. We have seen all sorts of deterioration in life after LKY passed away from MRT breakdowns to reserved Presidential Elections.

Singapore seems to be really screwed under LHL. What do you think?

Mr Tan replied, “I agree with you. 100%.”

And added, “Singapore is doomed.”

Unemployment rate of non-PMETs at 4.5%

The unemployment rate the netizen was referring to was actually the unemployment rate of non-PMETs in Singapore.

Even though the unemployment rate for PMETs fell slightly from 3.1% in the previous year to 3% last year (end Jun), the unemployment among non-PMETs actually rose from 4.2% to 4.5%. Ministry of Manpower has acknowledged that non-PMETs found it increasingly harder to secure a job.

Also, surveys conducted by National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University last month showed that fewer fresh graduates were getting jobs within the first 6 months after their graduation (‘Fewer fresh graduates get jobs within first six months: Survey‘, 26 Feb).

The number of fresh graduates that secured full-time permanent employment fell by 1.5% to 78.4% last year.

Meanwhile, potential 4th generation Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat presses WP’s Sylvia Lim in Parliament to withdraw her GST-hike allegation while retrenched Singaporeans continue to seek “self-employment” by driving taxis.

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