GovtTech: Disruption of SingPass and CorpPass systems due to server fault

Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) has announced on Monday (12 February) that comprehensive system review has been conducted on the SingPass and CorpPass systems following two disruptions last week and note that the two disruptions were due to server fault and not cyber-security related.

Citizens had complained on Thursday and Friday that they were unable to access the govt service.

The agency released a statement on Sunday which stated that a “preventive maintenance” on both SingPass and CorpPass systems would be conducted from 10 pm on Sunday to 8 am on Monday, adding, “During this period, services will not be available to the public. We thank all users for your understanding.”

However, another Facebook post was written on Monday (12 February) at around 1 pm on GovThech Facebook page, saying that SingPass and CorpPass systems will be undergoing maintenance from 12 am until 4 am Tuesday (13 February).

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” it added.

The agency stated that the authentication services were then taken down in Thursday afternoon for urgent maintenance due to a “server fault”.

It also said that Thursday’s outage was not a result of any cyber attack and services were fully restored at about 5.15 pm.

As for the fault occurred on Friday, the disruption started at noon and services were restored at 3.15pm.

The government stressed that both incidents were not cyber security-related, adding, “We have investigated and replaced some server hardware.”